Cocooning yourself in lush cashmere on a brisk winter morning. Spritzing your pulse points with an enlivening Italian scent that...
When people describe the coastal town of Manteo, North Carolina, they often use the word quaint. Quaintness calls to mind old-fashioned sensibilities and a seemingly simpler time.
Nancy Seitz loves to travel, and when she does she loves to find new clothing, ladies accessories, home decor items and kitchen and dining accessories to bring home to customers at her “nest.” That was the inspiration for her shop in downtown Manteo, which feels less like a store and more like ...
This is a jewel of a little town. Hugged by water and touched by limitless sky, Manteo feels as open as what surrounds it. Locals say hello and smile a welcome to visitors. The town’s kids can be watched joyously jumping off the bridge that leads to Festival Park in the summer heat.
What is the art to nesting? “Surround yourself with things you love,” answers Nancy Seitz, owner of the boutique shop Nest. This emphasis on discovering things that speak to you personally is precisely what makes a trip to Nest so special.
Manteo, like many of the other areas that make up the Outer Banks, has its own distinctive flair that more and more people fall in love with every year.
Right around the corner from the pottery store is a boutique aptly named Nest. Tucked in the back of the store is a bed made up with Bella Notte linens, and it kept calling to me to curl up and take a nap right there.
As you wander the streets of downtown Manteo, be sure to take the stairs up to Nest where elegant goods for home and person await the discerning shopper.
Tucked away in the Magnolia Market Square in downtown Manteo sits a little haven of whimsy. Stepping into Nest is like entering a European marketplace that takes you to Paris, Provence, Indonesia, the Italian coast, San Francisco and the Pacific Northwest.